Unveiling Rolls Royce's SIEM Transformation
with Microsoft Sentinel and Cribl

Whether you have already deployed Microsoft Sentinel or are considering a migration in the near future, there are many questions and challenges that security teams face around scale, data management, and cost optimization to both deploy and continue a successful implementation.

Hear from Dan Whittingham, Security Solutions Architect at Rolls Royce, to learn how he and his team modernized their SIEM with cloud-native, AI-powered Microsoft Sentinel to accelerate threat detection and response, and overall tool & data management with the help of Cribl.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Modernize your security operations with Microsoft Sentinel, a comprehensive solution enriched by generative AI, to confidently protect your deployments efficiently and at scale.
  • Take control of your security data and gain freedom from vendor and tool lock-in
  • Make migrations and integrations easier with best practices and tips learned from your peers