Escaping Data Lock-In Amidst Industry Takeovers

Why Mergers and Acquisitions Highlight the Urgent Need for Data Independence

Data silos created by normalized data stores creates a level of tool lock-in that not only limits choice for the customer but threatens business continuity in the case of big changes in tool support or questionable future support (as is the case with any large acquisition!).

IT and Security engineers need more control of their data to increase resilience and provide more options for analysis to make decisions faster with better data.

Join this webinar to see why you need data independence so:

  • You control ALL your data - no more data silos that force compromise between cost, flexibility, and control
  • You gain the freedom to reduce and enrich your data if you choose - separate out signal from noise and enrich with context in real-time
  • You gain the freedom to choose to store and replay long term in the most cost effective storage with the ability to recall data for later analysis 

It’s time for your data independence day.