Using Cribl Observability Pipelines to Optimize Cloud-Native SIEM

Legacy on-prem SIEM solutions can slow down threat response. A cloud-native SIEM can flex with the dynamic nature of cloud environments, giving teams the adaptability they need to combat modern threats. Leveraging the Cribl suite of products can help you further fine-tune your cloud-native SIEM for flexibility, cost, and scale.

Security experts from Exabeam and Cribl will cover how you can strategically route, filter, and mask log data to:

  • Accelerate migration: Say goodbye to legacy SIEM and data lakes, embracing the future of cloud-native SIEM
  • Optimize storage: Free up valuable headroom to accommodate growing amounts of telemetry data
  • Improve threat detection, investigation, and response: Seamlessly integrate behavioral analytics, enriching your telemetry data for a proactive approach to TDIR