Getting Started with an Observability Pipeline

in the Cloud

Get control over observability data without the hassle of running infrastructure.

Migrating your workloads and data to the cloud can mean huge pay-offs for your organization - optimized performance, reduced management overhead, and significant cost savings on data centers. But the road to the cloud is not always easy. Organizations struggle with never-ending data growth. IT and security teams are having a tough time getting control over their data flows, egress costs, and their cloud migration. Moving data from all different sources to the right tool means sacrificing control and flexibility. Luckily Cribl can help!

Join us to learn how a cloud-based observability pipeline can help make your data more manageable so you can easily clean up data, get it where it needs to be, work more efficiently, and ultimately gain the confidence needed to adopt the cloud, on time and under budget. Attendees will learn:

  • Benefits of using an observability pipeline in the cloud
  • How to get started with a new Cribl.Cloud account
  • What comes with Cribl’s suite of cloud products