Cribl’s Summer Launch: Level-Up Your Security & Control

Power to the Data People! Take Control of Your Data, Unleash Next-Level Insights.

Accessibility and governance are at the core of data democratization and enabling organizations to work smarter, not harder. Cribl is enabling additional teams and users to work together across our entire portfolio through enhanced security and access control for our customers, while providing data and insights on-demand.

Check out the details of our latest Summer release including:

  • Search: We recently solidified Cribl’s position as a trailblazer in the industry by being the first vendor to introduce Search to Amazon Security Lake. Now we’re adding access to 500% more query targets including S3, Azure Blob, and GCP/GCS. We are also paving the way with aggregated search on API endpoints like Okta, Zoom, and Google Workspaces that can be searched in-place to get you even more of the data you need faster. Plus, check out our enhanced user experience that provides greater access control to limit who can access what datasets.
  • Stream: Enable true data democratization and securely access data through self-service model, via Stream Projects. Learn how to avoid gaps in data collection and data redundancy with DB Collector. Plus, new native integrations offer Azure customers vendor-neutrality and helps onboard data to Azure Sentinel and/or Azure Data Explorer (native integration coming soon) platforms faster.
  • Edge: Take advantage of discovery & metrics collection in K8S environments at scale and route to your destination of choice with Cribl’s New Prometheus Edge Scraper. Plus, enhancements to support monitoring & displaying compressed files and one-time ingestion of files.
  • Authorization across all products: Provision visibility to additional personas within your organization while controlling permissions and privileges to access Cribl products, capabilities, and resources.