Future Proof Your Observability Strategy

with CrowdStrike and Cribl

As log sources multiply and data volumes rise, many teams are struggling to effectively collect, enrich, and route log data, creating a heavy burden of complexity and cost.

CrowdStream, a new native platform capability from CrowdStrike, lets you directly connect any data source to CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale using Cribl’s industry-leading technology. Together, Falcon LogScale and CrowdStream provide end-to-end observability and log management from data collection to analysis and visualization.

Watch our demo webinar to learn how to:

  • Quickly collect data from a broad array of sources, accelerating deployment and time-to-value for log management.
  • Enrich and normalize data to gain additional context and make data immediately actionable for security, IT and compliance use cases.
  • Cut costs by only forwarding the right data with CrowdStream and cost-effectively storing data for analysis and high-speed search with Falcon LogScale.