Cribl Search: The Power to Query Data-In-Place

There’s so much data out there. What if you could bypass it all, and search observability data wherever it lives?

Watch our webinar Cribl Search: The Power to Query Data-In-Place, to learn more about:

  • Federated Search: One query that targets all potential datasets
  • Agnostic: Eliminates multiple proprietary search engines
  • Intuitive: User friendly search language, zero learning curve to get started
  • Cloud Native: Start searching your own data in minutes, not hours or days
  • Use cases for Security, ITOps and DevOps/SRE teams are challenged with audits, troubleshooting and root-cause analysis across huge volumes of data.

If you’re responsible for monitoring, managing, and querying the massive volumes of observability data being generated, this webinar is one you should watch!