Search Development Partner Submission

Share your knowledge and craftsmanship!

Thank you for your interest in Cribl Search. We are looking for development partners to assist in the validation and testing of Cribl Search in our quest to develop a world-class search product that solves real problems our customers are facing.

Cribl Search will perform “search-in-place” queries on any data, in any format, at any location - at the edge through Cribl Edge, in flight through Cribl Stream, in an organization’s observability lake, or even within existing systems - vastly increasing the scope of analysis without requiring the cost or complexity of first shipping, ingesting, and storing the data.

As a development partner, we will provide a limited license and white glove implementation service to ensure you can effectively test the product. In return, we would expect the following participation from you:

  • Ability to participate in weekly feedback sessions (synchronous and/or asynchronous)
  • Ability to provide feedback on user experience, functionality, bugs, deployment and upstream/ downstream impact
  • Ability to act as a reference for media or prospective customers