Accelerating Detection & Response During Cyber Events

Struggling to Keep Up with Cyber Detection & Response?

Security teams are inundated with data from multiple sources in multiple formats, slowing down the ability to detect and respond to breaches and hunt for new threats. With multiple security tools deployed, sharing information across tools/teams becomes even more challenging.

Cribl simplifies and accelerates the process of ingesting, enriching and analyzing huge volumes of data, enabling investigators to identify specific data points and map them to corresponding indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Watch this webinar and learn how to accelerate cybersecurity investigations by:

  • Addressing timestamp challenges to ensure accurate investigative timelines and accurate IP geolocation
  • Enriching data with geoIP functions and known intelligence, giving investigators better, more relevant data to search through or simply pointing investigators in a better direction
  • Reducing reliance on TAs and configuration files, to minimize reduces low-value, repetitive work for your team
  • Enabling investigators to see the right formats and types of data faster, with the right context, in their preferred analytical tool