Getting Started with Cribl for M-22-09

Take Action on Zero Trust

M-22-09 sets forth a Federal zero trust architecture strategy requiring agencies to meet specific cybersecurity standards and objectives by the end of FY2024, including encryption of all DNS requests and HTTP traffic in their environments and unleveling practices on sensitive data monitoring, data categorization, and information sharing.

Wondering how in the world you'll comply? Cribl streamlines encryption of high-volume requests and traffic, simplifies data categorization, and provides the processing capabilities needed to protect sensitive data and enable M-22-09 compliance.

In this demo, we’ll show you how to:

  • Easily route data to multiple destinations via a data pipelining engine between data sources and destinations
  • Transform data into any format or protocol for secure sharing
  • Encrypt DNS requests and HTTP traffic, redact or mask sensitive data, and enrich logs with relevant categorization information