Mastering Compliance with M-22-09

Zero Trust Best Practices for Government Agencies

In today's digital landscape, government agencies face increasing cybersecurity challenges that demand a proactive and comprehensive approach to protecting sensitive data. The implementation of M-22-09 and the adoption of a zero trust architecture (ZTA) are crucial steps toward achieving robust security and compliance.

In this webinar, join Cribl experts as we delve into M-22-09 and explore best practices for government agencies to master compliance, enhance posture, and achieve cyber resilience, including:

  • An overview of the memorandum, core principles of ZTA, and practical strategies for implementing zero trust best practices within government agencies
  • Real-world use cases showcasing the power of Cribl in streamlining insider threat response and strengthening security posture
  • Key functionalities to help government agencies achieve compliance with M-22-09 and strengthen their security framework